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Digital Marketing

Want to be a specialist in Digital Marketing but have no prior experience or knowledge about it ?. Then you are at the right place and it’s never too late to begin. This Online/Offline Digital Marketing Certification Course leads you to identify the area you are lagging in and build it yourself.

Social Media & Paid Ads

Every growing business out there is looking for the service of a social media specialist. This course is designed exclusively for meeting up with the requirement of tuning your skills. Our expert social media specialists walk you through the base and core of the course program and help you to manage websites with ease.

WordPress Developer

We possess the tools and skills to teach what you signed up for. We offer a well-paced online WordPress Developer course by our expert developers. Experience virtual learning from your choice of comfy.

Business Analyst

If you are an intense young bee with great perception and passion to learn, then you are best suited for this position. Being a business analyst is never boring in view of the fact that you’ll be learning
about new businesses closely each day.

Explore the Add-on Features of this Course Program

The course includes:

Enroll Now in one of the Summer Weekend Courses worth 72,000.

Lucky you get 25% off of the original price and can get a Easter offer of 54,000/course.

The top performing 3 candidates in every domain get the opportunity to be a part of the family of Wizi.

3 Month Program

This three-month digital marketing program is at its peak for the demand for service providers by business owners.

Access to Resource Tools

Having access to tools that only digital marketers and field experts do, you can analyze and develop your own strategy.

Course Certification

The certification offered by Wizi Technology Services Private Limited carries an explicit value that can transform opportunities into full-time careers.

25+ Case Studies

You can have the case studies of all the existing projects and ongoing projects of the company under proper supervision and can have its quality detailing.

Hands-on Projects

Wizi grants you access to work on live and ongoing projects from different domains covering 116 types of businesses.

Job Assistance

Wizi extends its support even after completion of the course. The top-performing candidates get explicit guidance and sometimes can be a part of us.

Enroll Now in one of the Summer Weekend Courses worth 72,000.

Lucky you get 25% off of the original price and can get a Easter offer of 54,000/course.

The top performing 3 candidates in every domain get the opportunity to be a part of the family of Wizi.

3 Month Program

Access to Resource Tools

Course Certification

25+ Case Studies

Hands-on Projects

Job Assistance

3 Month Program

Access to Resource Tools

Course Certification

25+ Case Studies

Hands-on Projects

Job Assistance

Remarkable Attributes

Stay at Home Moms

  • Women who are trying hard to get things together can make use of this opportunity.
  • This course program takes you through a new field of digital marketing where you are sought by business holders.
  • Either be a new mom or be a mother of three, you can learn and earn whilst holding up your family chores.
  • Join us for an awesome journey of digital marketing without any marketing background.

Have your Own Website

  • The students who have enrolled in this training program can have their own website with a registered domain name and free server.
  • This is applicable to all the registered users. You can either build your resume if you are a newbie or can develop your business and build your brand using this website.
  • Your website will be registered for free on GoDaddy and will have a virtual private server.
  • Get to know our services to be a great digital marketer.

Looking for a Fresh Dawn?

  • If you are a fresher looking for a new start or an experienced candidate looking for a domain change, then this is the course designed for you.
  • Even with basic computer knowledge anyone can become an effective digital marketer with proper training.
  • You can have access to unlimited tools and resources which is used only by marketing experts thereby providing a real-time learning experience.
  • Connect with us for real job assistance and get placed in top companies.

Course Bundle

Beginner Bundle

Digital Marketing Basics
WordPress Development Basics
Social Media & Paid Ads Basics
SEO Basics
Graphic Designing Beginner
Junior Business Analyst

Team Bundle

For a Team of 5

Digital Marketing
WordPress Development
Social Media & Paid Ads
SEO Package
Graphic Designing
Business Analyst

Advanced Bundle

Advanced Digital Marketing
Advanced WordPress Development
Social Media & Paid Ads
Advanced SEO
Creative Graphic Designing
Business Analyst

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Add-on Features

Add-on Features

Flexible Joining dates
20+ case studies
Flexible Payments
Individual Care
Work on live Projects
Top Candidates
Job Assistance
Top Candidates

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Know About the Trainers

Learn from the industry’s best trainers and leaders to become a leader yourself. The trainers are experts in their respective fields with long-term experience and possess the required knowledge and skills to provide you with quality education.

Sutharsan - CEO
Sutharsan M
Digital Marketing

Experience: 13+ years

Technical skills: SEO, Website development, Project Management and Social Media Marketing.

Other skills: People Management, Brand Management, Sales & Marketing, Excellent soft skills.

Jeevitha - head of seo
Search Engine Optimization

Experience: 7+ years

Technical skills: SEO Onpage

Other skills: Teamwork, Leadership

Vijay Ganesh - COO
Vijay Ganesh P N
Social Media Marketing

Experience: 13+ years

Technical skills: Google ads, Keyword Planners, Competition Analysis, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads

Other skills: Project Management, Client Engagement, Analytics Skills.

Ahalya - Head of web development
Ahalyadevi V S
Website Development

Experience: 7.5 years


Other skills: Leadership, Communication, Teamwork

Merickson - head of graphic design
Graphic Designing

Experience: 2 Years

Technical skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, XD, Premiere pro

Other skills: Tutoring skills, Management skills.

Praisie - BDE
Praisie Rajam P
Business Analysis

Experience: 2 years

Technical skills: Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Client Engagement, Project Management.

Other skills: Communication Skills, Soft skills, Content writing skills, Coaching skills.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many specializations can I choose?

    Choosing one specialization is mandatory. You can choose up to 4 specializations per course program. Companies looking for a team bundle can get it for ₹ 3,00,000.

  • How would these real industry projects help me?

    This course program contains 25+ case studies and gives access to live projects. These industrial case studies will help you apply your digital marketing learning in those projects.

  • What kind of career support can I expect from this course?

    After receiving a detailed profile and program performance reports of our students from the respective coaches of the industry, we will assess the most suitable candidates and extend job opportunities to the top performers. This program has been developed by understanding the hiring challenges and skill gaps faced in the Digital Marketing Industry in India.

  • How much do I need to pay for this course?

    The total fees for the beginner course start from ₹12,000 (Incl. Taxes) which is payable in a single payment. For advanced courses, you can avail of a 0% EMI option with a monthly installment of 35% in the first month, 35% in the second month, and 30% in the last month for a total of the 3-month training.

  • How much do I pay to block my seat after I get shortlisted for the program?

    You do not have to pay to block your seat once you are shortlisted for the program. Most platforms do not provide this concession when it comes to DMC. We provide this open platform where anywhere can learn irrespective of age and race.

  • What’s the refund policy that you follow for this course program?

    You can avail refund by following our refund policy. Please visit for further details.

  • How do I know that this program’s module is the best?

    This module involves a deep dive into various marketing channels but does not stop with that.

    The course includes:
    Access to Resources and the latest Tools
    Course Certification
    Case studies of 25+ projects
    Hands-on projects
    Job Assistance

wizi digital marketing courses

Hear from our Students

Listen to the success stories of our students who have completed the course program
and developed excellent skills.

This course builds up concepts one at a time, cementing each new topic with an expertly designed exercise to test your knowledge. A huge variety of beautiful projects in SEO helped me to sharpen my skills.

Ramanan testimonials
Ramanan S

I was uncertain about the course program since I did not have a marketing background, but Wizi’s friendly support never made me regret my decision of taking up the social media branding course. I always look back to thank them for helping me have a leg up in my career.

princy testimonials
Princy Pathrose

Their experts’ year-long experience and skillful-knowledge were mesmerizing. I could not find a better place than this to upscale my digital marketing skills. If you are either looking for a change of domain or just seeking knowledge, I would surely recommend them.

Swetha testimonials
Swetha S
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